Master Theses

  1. Kux, M.
    Sichtenbasierte und modellgetriebene Entwicklung von Web Services für BPEL Prozesse, 2009 svn
  2. Blamauer, C.; Lintner, D.
    Integrating Semantic Business Process Management and View-Based Modeling, 2009

Bachelor Theses

  1. Härtlein, S.
    , 2015
  2. Redl, C.
    Browsing and Managing Domain Models with a Generic, Resource-Oriented Ajax Web Application, 2010 svn
  3. Bierleutgeb, P.
    Monitoring of a Model-Aware SOA, 2009 svn


  1. Härtlein, S.
    , 2014
  2. Torbica, D.
    VbMF Fragments svn
  3. Bierleutgeb, P.
    A Graph-Based Domain Model Browser for MORSE, 2011
  4. Redl, C.
    MORSE Webapplication, 2010 svn
  5. Pötzl, D.
    SVNSyncRouter, 2010 svn
  6. Bierleutgeb, P.
    BPEL Monitoring with Esper, 2009 svn
  7. Fodor, I.
    HR-CRM: Webapplication for Manipulating OASIS CIQ Data- and Business-Objects, 2009 svn
  8. Nikolov, V.
    OASIS CIQ Web Services, Persistance and Legacy Support, 2008 svn
  9. Duchkowitsch, H.
    Log4WS: Publish/Subscribe Web Service Architecture for Distributed Logging & Monitoring, 2008 svn
  10. Les, I.
    GMF-Editor for View-Based Business Process Models, 2008 svn
  11. Böhm, R.
    WS Adapter Framework, 2008 svn
  12. Kux, M.
    BPEL Validation/Deployment/Execution (VDE) Framework, 2007 svn