Prototypes & Demonstrators

  • Ming: Modeling Cloud Datacenter Deployments
  • Agile Cloud-Application Prototyping
  • Reprovisioning, Adaptation, Alignment, and Migration of Cloud Infrastructure Services
  • Automated Provisioning of Customized Cloud Stacks
  • BigData Collector: Internet of Things
  • Event Processing & Dashboard
  • Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Asset Tracking
  • Wireframe DSL and Generator Service and Webapplication
  • DSL for OpenSource Software and Licenses
  • Model-Based Portfolio Management
  • Business Model Canvas Webapplication
  • Model Repository & MDE Server
  • Instrumenting Cloud-Applications for Model-Based Reporting
  • Business Process Extensions – An Implicit Modeling-Tool
  • Business Process Monitoring powered by Model-Based Reporting
  • Compliance Monitoring using Model-Based Reporting