1. ta’

    1. What is the meaning of Ta’id?
      My first name translates to something between confirmation and help or support and originates from the Arabic language, although chosen from the Persian term, where the translation is the same, while having a special accentuation on the idea of confirmation.
    2. What kind of name is Holmes?
      It is a common English surname.
    3. What does .at stay for?
      This top level domain stays for Austria, the country I was born in.

  2. mail.ta’

    1. Do you have a PGP key?
      Yes. Please see my contact page for it.
    2. There is always an attachment with your mails I do not understand.
      The attachment is a digital signature and it seems that your mail client is thus not capable of interpreting it. If you do not wish your mail client to be able to verify signed mails you can ignore this fact, this is to say the attachment.
    3. I have problems while opening your mails in my mail client.
      If this is the case please tell me about that so that I can send you unsigned messages as long as you make use of such a mail client. It seems as if it is not only unable to interpret digital signatures but that it even is incapable of opening a digitally signed mail normally.
    4. Why didn’t you reply yet to my mail?
      It might be that a spamfilter classified your mail as spam. Please contact me via an alternative communication medium!
    5. Your mailserver is explicitly denying to accept mails. Why?
      I apply very strong anti-spam measures on my server, some of them resulting even in a total deny of incoming mails. This is in no case something personal but generally just has to do with some configuration properties and status of your outgoing mail server.
      Consult the error message and ask your internet service provider for further information.

  3. web.ta’

    1. What about the copyright of your pages?
      All pages are licensed under a Creative Commons License.
    2. I cannot read Morse code. What is written on your introside?
      I consider independent investigation of truth to be most important in the context of a real progress. So I would like to encourage you to find out for yourself – I am sure you will succeed!
      If you need an alphabet for the Morse code feel free to contact me.
    3. I don’t get the picture. What do you want to express precisely with your introside?
      At a time where our world had not yet been gifted by the means of telecommunication or internet technology, Samuel Morse chose a expressive Bible quote to be the very first message to be transmitted telegraphically, indicating the great impact of this happening for world’s future.
      As a member of the Bahá’í faith I personally consider his choice, its testimony, the time of its transmission and the fact that its reception made up the very starting point for all modern telecommunication to be fully in-line with the devine revelation of Bahá’u’lláh, starting from the Primal point, The Báb.
    4. What is this funny base64-encoded PGP-Key about?
      With this cryptographic key it is possible for everyone to verify the authenticity of digitally signed data like digitally signed mails coming from me. Also it can be used to encrypt data for me.
    5. Why doesn’t that link work on that page?
      Please tell me about the broken link you have found, so that I can fix the error.
    6. Could you please change/remove a certain link/image on your site?
      Sure. Just tell me why and optionally send me an alternative.